Budget Dashboards

Under the NCAP Program, the cities have been categorized as following-

  1. Above 10 lakh population and 90µg/m³ PM level
  2. Between 5 lakh to 10 lakh population
  3. Below 5 lakh population

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All data on the page has been sourced from MoEF&CC.

  1. NCAP has declared cities with –

 i. Below 5 lakh population to get Rs10,00,000 – Six cities are not disbursed with any money (Damtal, Kala Amb, Parwanoo, Byrnihat, Angul, Tuticorin).

 ii. Between 5 to 10lakh population to get Rs20,00,000 – One city has not been disbursed with any money (Noida).

2. There are four cities under the NCAP Program that are not yet allocated with any budget/money because they do not fall under the 2 categories mentioned in the program. They have an above 10 lakh population. (Delhi, Ghaziabad, Srinagar, and Vishakhapatnam) .


  1. Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack were shown as twin cities in the 28 cities NCAP Tracker. In the following tracker below, the cities are split into two equal halves. Both have a population between 5 to 10 lakhs and have also been listed in the NCAP under- 5 to 10 lakh population category.
  2. Bhilai has a population between 5 to 10lakhs but has been allotted with Rs10crores and Rs6crores disbursed (user can identify from tracker).
  3. Indore, Nasik, Aurangabad have a population above 10 lakh and have been allotted with 20,00,000rupees each. The NCAP program has categorized them under a population between 5 to 10lakhs.